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Bioenergy, Environment and Sustainable Technologies. 23-25, January 2017
3rd International Conference on
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Supporting Journals
The Biotech Research Society, India
International Forum on Industrial   
Indian Biomass Association
-- International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development
-- Progress in Industrial Ecology, An International Journal
More journals to come, watch this space for list of new journals
Water Research
· Wastewater Microbiology
· Drinking Water Microbiology
· Molecular Ecology
· Microbial Diversity
· Novel Approaches for Urban Water
      Management in Developing Countries

Climate change
· Carbon Credit
· Carbon Neutral Economy
· Climatic and Environmental Issues
· Carbon Balance
· Reduction of GHG
· Energy Saving
· Governance for Low Carbon Communities and Infrastructure

Special Sessions
      -     Biotechnology
      -     Chemical Engineering
      -     Pharmacetical Technology
      -     Nano Technology
      -     Solar Energy Technologies
      -     General Engineering
· 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation Biofuels
· Biomass Conversion Technologies
· Bioenergy from Industrial Effluents
· Enzyme Technologies for Biofuels
· Co-generation and Tri-generation
· Economics and Financing the Bioenergy Systems
· Biofuel Storage

Environmental Biotechnology
· Microbial Conversion of Inorganic Compounds
· Microbial Ecology of Biogas Systems
· Biological Treatment Processes
· Bioremediation
· Solid Waste Management
· Environmental Monitoring & Biosensors
· Biofertilizers & Biopesticides

Policy makers and the Public
· Public and Private Involvement
· Adaptation of Technologies
· Specific Developments
·     Political and Financial Perspectives
BEST papers (oral and Poster presentation) will be awarded with a citation and cash prize
Research papers in the following areas will be accepted for submission for oral and poster presentation in the 3rd International conference on Bioenergy, Environment and Sustainable Technologies - BEST2017
Call for Papers