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Bioenergy, Environment and Sustainable Technologies. 23-25, January 2017
3rd International Conference on
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The executive summary should be type written in Times new roman, Font size 12. Begin the abstract two spaces after the email line. The text should be single-spaced, and each paragraph indented as indicated here. The text should be justified. Your article is limited to one page of A4 paper. The margins must be 2.0 cm on all sides for A4 paper. Black and white or gray scale images and drawings (no color) may be embedded into the text as desired. Authors can include graphical/pictorial/ illustration of their work. References in the text must be enclosed in square brackets [1].
Article must be submitted in English, and all presentations must be made in English. Articles are subject to review [1,2].
Executive summary will be published exactly as submitted. Copy should be checked for accuracy and typographical problems prior to submission. Submit your article as a MSWORD document (*.doc or *.docx). Please rename file for quick identification. The file name should be your paper reference number (eg: If your paper reference number is BE01, then the file name of your executive summary should be either BE01.doc or BE01.docx). Submit your executive summary on or before 30.11.2016.
Executive summary template
The executive summary along with Authors undertaking form, Bonafide certificate (for students only) and Payment proof may be submitted to

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